Wednesday, February 18, 2009

The Storm Riders (Anime)

Storm Riders: Clash of the Evils is a new animated feature film based on the Chinese comic book series Fung Wan (or Tin Ha) by Ma Wing Shing. It was a pretty popular comic book series back in the 90s. There was also an actual movie release called "The Storm Riders" back in 1998 which was directed by famous Hong Kong actor/director Andrew Lau.

For the plot, this is a sequel to the story featuring two legendary and adventurous characters, Wind & Cloud. The Sword Worship Villa, the world's top sword maker, witnessed the bloody execution of its people due to allegations of conspiring to start a rebellion. The young master of the villa, Ao Jue, is the only survivor of the execution. In order to complete the "Jue" Sword, forged by generations of his family, Ao Jue swears to attack Tin Ha Wui and battle with Wind & Cloud in order to obtain the blood of the Flame Kylin which can unleash the power of the sword. With Wind's blood containing the blood of the Flame Kylin, he becomes the prime target in Ao Jue's plan of completing the sword.

Anyway check out the trailer below.

Just a note that there will be a sequel to the live action movie called "The Storm Warriors" and it's directed by the Pang Brothers which is set for a 2009 release in Hong Kong.

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