Tuesday, February 03, 2009

Snowing in London and in February

While most of us looked forward to the snowing on Sunday evening, I didn’t that it would last till yesterday evening. I mean usually when it does actually snow in London (very rare), it would only have lasted for maybe a few hours (snowfall of 1-2cm), then would just melt away in the next few hours. Well on Sunday night it started snowing and it snowed heavily. By the next morning there was approximately 6+ inches of snow and it lasted till last night.

Apparently it the most snowfall ever seen in London for 18 years.

Everything was covered with snow. That brought major disruptions all over London with all public transport made unavailable. Even the underground tubes were closed. Weird because its not snowing underground so why was the underground tubes closed?! For some it literally took them 2-3 hours to get to their offices and for others was lucky enough to get the phone call to tell them not to bother to get into the office. :) I was one of the later so I took my chance to venture out and take some snaps.

More photos are all posted up on Picasa so check it out here. :)

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