Wednesday, February 18, 2009

Facebook Privacy

Almost everyone is on Facebook these days. Facebook is a great service which brings old friends and acquaintances together. It also provides excellent facility for uploading media content such as videos and pictures on to their site which in turn can be shared with others. With 175 million users I’m sure no one takes notices of Facebook’s Terms and Conditions.

In their Terms and Conditions, for every media (video, pictures etc) you upload on to their website you are relinquishing your rights to those contents giving Facebook total control of what they want to do with it. They can sell it; publish it any way of form without requiring any consent from you, AT ALL! So why are many people still doing it?! I think for most they don’t really care about it.

Check out news articles posted here and here when Facebook decided to change their Terms and Conditions (better for them).

This is the main reason why I’ve stopped uploading any media content to Facebook. If I upload something somewhere and anyone who wants to use it for marketing or literally anything I do expect some form of royalty or credit to where the media was obtained from. It is your right!

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