Friday, January 09, 2009

Godzilla is reborn... the Nissan Skyline GTR SpecV

A couple of years ago when the first sketches of the new Skyline GTR was seen, I was wondering what the designers at Nissan were up to. The design then in my view was abit radical. It didn’t look like it was a revision up from the existing GTR (R34). All the previous revisions shared similar look and style.

With the R35 it was totally different. From the sketches it had looked like it was a smaller car. I was like HUH, WTF? Why is Nissan making a smaller car? It had looked like it lacked the muscular look. I was beginning to shake my head…

Few years have passed and now that I’ve actually seen a production model of the R35 and on the street my thoughts have changed. It is one great looking piece of machinery. Now Nissan have just released info on the SpecV edition of the car, which come with more carbon fibre, removed the two rear seats and loads of other modifications to make the car lighter and faster. The new Godzilla is reborn.

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