Wednesday, January 28, 2009

Die tote Stadt @ Royal Opera House

Last night I went to the Royal Opera House @ Covent Garden to watch Die tote Stadt.

From the Royal Opera House website, "The story follows the sometimes-real and sometimes-imagined world of Paul, locked in the grip of memories of his dead wife Marie. Marietta, a young woman who resembles Marie in looks but certainly not character, offers the chance for Paul to break free from his obsession with the past and return to his own life and a future. Willy Decker’s production has already been hugely praised for its visual and dramatic creation of a world on the edge of reality, its striking design of impressionistic and fragmented imagery conjuring up the dreamlike world of Bruges – the dead city of the title – as the obsessive Paul experiences it."

The performance was marvellous. For the price of each ticket it was really well worth the money for it. The show was sung in German but they had English subtitle throughout. The only thing that was annoying was that where we were sitting (Orchestra Stalls mid row) it was hard to look up at the subtitles, and then look down at the performances. To do that for every dialogue was tiring.

All in all if I was sitting in somewhere else i.e. further back, it might have made it a little bit easier. Though doing that would sacrifice the view ability of the actual performances and the expressions on the cast’s face.

Either way, if you understand German then you won’t have this issue and I would well recommend it to you to go and see it.

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