Tuesday, January 27, 2009

Burnout Paradise Ultimate Box

For those who were silly enough like me who bought a copy of EA's Need for Speed: Undercover game would have regretted their purchase with a short gameplay, stuttering frame rates, and a lame storyline. When Undercover came out, I had three options of driving games to buy. I had already a copy of Race Driver GRID and Gran Turismo 5 Prologue but wanted another just for the sheer of pure gaming.

At that time there was Undercover, Burnout Paradise and Midnight Club Los Angeles. MCLA looked like it would have been another sort of GTA IV style gaming (I may be wrong here) and well basically I wanted another NFS game because I loved the NFS gaming franchise. Remembered back to the days when I was playing Hot Pursuit and all the ones beforehand. Had the computer connected up to the mini hifi system and neighbours thought the police was around our neighbourhood 24/7. The gameplay was absolutely brilliant as well!

Now with all the additional packs that Criterion Games have been releasing, they are now bringing out a new Burnout Paradise Ultimate Box which includes everything they have ever released for Burnout Paradise and a new map called Big Surf Island. For more information on this release check out Criterion Games or here.

Meanwhile check out their latest trailer below. Definitely getting this game this time!

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