Monday, November 24, 2008

Need for Speed: Undercover Quick Review

I've had this game since it was released in the UK last Friday (21st Nov) and if you've read my blog below about me being sick for the last week I've had some time to burn. Since I started recovering over the weekend, yesterday I finally had the energy to get about and do things. So I opened up the game to try it out on the PS3.

First thing that caught me was yeah back into the Carbon/ Most Wanted style of gameplay. The AV was good but there’s nothing to brag about. Don’t even know why the maximum resolution was not at 1080P. Have to settle with 720P and you can still see the jaggies on the screen. And I do play this on a big screen as well. ARRGGHHHH!!!! I would have at least expected 1080P for a game like this.

As I started playing it I noticed the game is not quite like Carbon. I mean it shared similarities but you can tell it’s not the same game. I think in my very very quick review, I would play Carbon/ Most Wanted over this. They’ve spent too much time I guess on the intermediate videos than the quality of the game itself. In Undercover it felt like the game was pushing you from race to race where in Carbon you actually have time to roam around to drive to your next race. Don’t know… I just don’t like it. It doesn’t let you appreciate the surroundings of the game.

One other niggle… While racing the game would pause of a very slight second to load up the background scenes. This is on a PS3 and the disc content copied over to the built-in hard drive. So why would it still pause to load the background? If while you’re racing this would be the last thing you want. This is probably the first game that I’ve purchased that has done this and on a PS3 as well. Not even Race Driver GRID or Gran Turismo 5 Prologue has done this. WTF!

Anyway don’t know if it is me or not but a day of playing and I’m already at 50% of completing. Seems like it’s not going to be a very long game in comparison.

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