Wednesday, October 29, 2008

Westfield London

It's Wednesday today and Westfield London is only about a day away from its grand opening as Europe’s largest retail mall. It is going to be a prestigious mall encompassing most of the major labels around the world rivalling Harrods, Selfridges and the shops along Oxford Street. It is going to be awesome! Check out Westfield London homepage for a list of stores available.

A quick inspection from the outsides looks like they may not meet their deadlines. The building structures and most things looks like they are all there but you can see that there is electrical wiring for lights on the outside that has yet to be wired up. And there are loads of construction workers still there doing something like patching up holes etc. If it was me I would have expected all the construction bits to be completed at least a fortnight before the grand opening so at least the retailers can set everything up and have that completed feel rather than looking half complete on the opening day. Anyway IMO the project manager of this grand project is not doing a very good job at delegating tasks to the workers.

Still who am I to care? It is still going to be a grand mall to check out. It still may be some time away for everything to be finished but it is still going to be fantastic. Looking forward to the traffic!

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