Wednesday, October 15, 2008

The seriousness of a misdiagnosis

What do you when you are tested for a serious condition and you are misdiagnosed? Or how do you know if your results are wrong? Well, when you are being brought into the hospital only days of receiving the result, that’s when. That’s scary! When you can’t even trust your doctor or the physicians to give you the right results, what are you to do? Is everyone cutting corners now to save costs even at the expense of a patient’s life?

Well someone I know, has a serious condition that has been ongoing for quite some time now. Through an introduction into Amway, they were taken by Amway sales pitch of how their Nutriway products are the way forward and were apparently advised to take these Nutriway products over alternatives advised by previous doctors. Health checks and tests were conducted by their representatives and from the results said that they were ok but should take these Nutriway products to maintain them. Well now that person is in hospital after taking only Nutriway products for several weeks and opted to stop taking the prescriptions prescribed by the original doctor.

I found a PDF attachment on this website that shared similar stories where a doctor is practicing medicine along with selling Nutriway and it all went wrong. It’s a decent read.

Now I know the economy is rough now but to fudge the results so you would make more sales is just wrong! For that reason whoever that person was who advised to take Nutriway instead of the doctor’s prescribed medication should pay for the mistake! Locked up and throw the key away because you’re playing with people’s lives. A big FU and hope you get caught out!

PS: That person is now recovering well after back to taking the medication prescribed by the doctors. Damn you Amway!

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