Monday, October 20, 2008

Pearl Liang review

It has been awhile since I last had high tea so had the urge to make a booking for last Saturday. Dim Sum city here I come. So anyway usually we would go to Pearl Liang which is one of our favourite dim sum restaurant situated next to the Paddington tube/rail station in a semi business area. Very quiet during weekends and just the way I like it. Not the traditional bustling atmosphere where the waiters would shout across the room to ask you what you want to order.

Anyway the food there are beautifully presented and tasted delicious! They are steamed almost just right and not as oily as some of the other Chinese restaurants do. 4 out of 5 for food and presentation I would reckon.

So last Saturday we went there with a few friends to enjoy a meal and catch up. Almost at the end of the meal we discovered a dead roach (that was steamed) underneath the "siew mai" (steamed mince pork/ prawns dumpling). I was only moments away from having that siew mai when my friend discovered the cockroach. Put us off the rest of the meal. We didn’t know what to say or do nor expect this from a decent restaurant.

To me it is usually quite common to have 1 or 2 roaches around in a typical Chinese restaurant kitchen. After visiting Chinatown you will know. Usually those with closed kitchen you will discover a few around. But to have a dead one in your meal?!? It was a baby roach as well so you would expect the mother roach and the rest of the roach family in the kitchen.

You’d expect some sort of quality control for a restaurant that had just won an award for "Oriental Restaurant of the year" in the capital this year. Their award should definately be stripped away because of this.

They’ve definitely lost this customer… Time to look for another dim sum city…

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