Wednesday, October 15, 2008

Desperate Facebook

There are some serious desperate people in the world. With the phenomenon of Facebook (a socialising website) where if you are subscribed to such services you share your personal details with anyone and I mean anyone. And with those who want to have their privacy you can opt to only share your details with your friends.

I’ve recently heard a story where there are a group of people who have a room that has just become available and are so looking for a new flatmate to share the accommodation with. Usually to find a new flatmate you place an advert and wait to see if there are any interests. If there are you would then invite them to come over to show them the place and the room available then ask them a series of questions to see if they fit/gel with the rest of flatmates. If they do then you’ve got yourself a new flatmate.

Well, one thing that surprised me was that they have a new requirement now and that was all new potential flatmates needs to add them to Facebook for further assessment to see what that person is like. WTF?! Is it because you didn’t ask them enough questions in the first place to find out what that person is like or is it because you want to laugh at their profiles and make false assumptions. Gosh… Or is it that you can’t find friends?

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