Thursday, October 30, 2008

The Day The Earth Stood Still 5 mins trailer

The new trailer looks hot!

Wednesday, October 29, 2008

Macross Frontier DX Toys (VF-25F & VF-25S)

If you’re a fan of the Macross universe, Macross Frontier is a new series that came out around April this year.

"The series features the 25th New Macross-class Colonial Fleet, dubbed the Macross Frontier, en route to the galactic center. This heavily-populated interstellar fleet (consisting of numerous civilian vessels and their military escorts) contains a makeup of both human occupants and their Zentradi allies. As such, many of the Macross Frontier's companion vessels appear to merge more metallic Human designs with organic Zentradi aesthetics. On the Macross timeline, the story is set in the year 2059, 47 years after the original Super Dimension Fortress Macross, 19 years after Macross Plus and 14 years after the story of Macross 7. Macross Frontier's plot explores a combination of action/political intrigue/space drama more than previous Macross series have done in the past."
from Wikipedia.

Now Bandai are moments away from releasing its first set of toys for this new series. The Macross Frontier VF-25F piloted by Alto Saotome & VF-25S piloted by Ozma Lee, are going to be the first two chogokins (die-cast metal robots) that are due to be released around November this year. From what I understand is that there are going to be a few variants in sizes for these toys but the first set is going to be 1/60 in scale.

Needless to say I’m super excited about this. Not only are the plane modes of these toys looks super sleek, but this is going to be my first set of chogokins from the Macross series that I’m going to collect.

Have a look at the pictures below or go to the main website where galleries of the VF-25F & VF-25S are being held.

* Note the above two links are in Japanese. it doesn't matter if you don't have the language pack installed. It shouldn't hinder you looking at the galleries.

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Westfield London

It's Wednesday today and Westfield London is only about a day away from its grand opening as Europe’s largest retail mall. It is going to be a prestigious mall encompassing most of the major labels around the world rivalling Harrods, Selfridges and the shops along Oxford Street. It is going to be awesome! Check out Westfield London homepage for a list of stores available.

A quick inspection from the outsides looks like they may not meet their deadlines. The building structures and most things looks like they are all there but you can see that there is electrical wiring for lights on the outside that has yet to be wired up. And there are loads of construction workers still there doing something like patching up holes etc. If it was me I would have expected all the construction bits to be completed at least a fortnight before the grand opening so at least the retailers can set everything up and have that completed feel rather than looking half complete on the opening day. Anyway IMO the project manager of this grand project is not doing a very good job at delegating tasks to the workers.

Still who am I to care? It is still going to be a grand mall to check out. It still may be some time away for everything to be finished but it is still going to be fantastic. Looking forward to the traffic!

Monday, October 20, 2008

Dragonball trailer

A teaser trailer for DragonBall was shown at Brand Licensing Europe Expo, and DVD quality of the video clip was leaked to Internet. Enjoy the teaser trailer, while waiting for the official trailer to be released, rumored to be around December 2008.

Pearl Liang review

It has been awhile since I last had high tea so had the urge to make a booking for last Saturday. Dim Sum city here I come. So anyway usually we would go to Pearl Liang which is one of our favourite dim sum restaurant situated next to the Paddington tube/rail station in a semi business area. Very quiet during weekends and just the way I like it. Not the traditional bustling atmosphere where the waiters would shout across the room to ask you what you want to order.

Anyway the food there are beautifully presented and tasted delicious! They are steamed almost just right and not as oily as some of the other Chinese restaurants do. 4 out of 5 for food and presentation I would reckon.

So last Saturday we went there with a few friends to enjoy a meal and catch up. Almost at the end of the meal we discovered a dead roach (that was steamed) underneath the "siew mai" (steamed mince pork/ prawns dumpling). I was only moments away from having that siew mai when my friend discovered the cockroach. Put us off the rest of the meal. We didn’t know what to say or do nor expect this from a decent restaurant.

To me it is usually quite common to have 1 or 2 roaches around in a typical Chinese restaurant kitchen. After visiting Chinatown you will know. Usually those with closed kitchen you will discover a few around. But to have a dead one in your meal?!? It was a baby roach as well so you would expect the mother roach and the rest of the roach family in the kitchen.

You’d expect some sort of quality control for a restaurant that had just won an award for "Oriental Restaurant of the year" in the capital this year. Their award should definately be stripped away because of this.

They’ve definitely lost this customer… Time to look for another dim sum city…

Wednesday, October 15, 2008

Must Wash Hands

Just read on a local paper's website saying that female commuters in London are more likely to have faecal matter on their hands than male commuters. Say what? You mean there is still a problem with people not washing their hands after visiting the toilet? OMG! That's disgusting!

Check out the article here.

Desperate Facebook

There are some serious desperate people in the world. With the phenomenon of Facebook (a socialising website) where if you are subscribed to such services you share your personal details with anyone and I mean anyone. And with those who want to have their privacy you can opt to only share your details with your friends.

I’ve recently heard a story where there are a group of people who have a room that has just become available and are so looking for a new flatmate to share the accommodation with. Usually to find a new flatmate you place an advert and wait to see if there are any interests. If there are you would then invite them to come over to show them the place and the room available then ask them a series of questions to see if they fit/gel with the rest of flatmates. If they do then you’ve got yourself a new flatmate.

Well, one thing that surprised me was that they have a new requirement now and that was all new potential flatmates needs to add them to Facebook for further assessment to see what that person is like. WTF?! Is it because you didn’t ask them enough questions in the first place to find out what that person is like or is it because you want to laugh at their profiles and make false assumptions. Gosh… Or is it that you can’t find friends?

The seriousness of a misdiagnosis

What do you when you are tested for a serious condition and you are misdiagnosed? Or how do you know if your results are wrong? Well, when you are being brought into the hospital only days of receiving the result, that’s when. That’s scary! When you can’t even trust your doctor or the physicians to give you the right results, what are you to do? Is everyone cutting corners now to save costs even at the expense of a patient’s life?

Well someone I know, has a serious condition that has been ongoing for quite some time now. Through an introduction into Amway, they were taken by Amway sales pitch of how their Nutriway products are the way forward and were apparently advised to take these Nutriway products over alternatives advised by previous doctors. Health checks and tests were conducted by their representatives and from the results said that they were ok but should take these Nutriway products to maintain them. Well now that person is in hospital after taking only Nutriway products for several weeks and opted to stop taking the prescriptions prescribed by the original doctor.

I found a PDF attachment on this website that shared similar stories where a doctor is practicing medicine along with selling Nutriway and it all went wrong. It’s a decent read.

Now I know the economy is rough now but to fudge the results so you would make more sales is just wrong! For that reason whoever that person was who advised to take Nutriway instead of the doctor’s prescribed medication should pay for the mistake! Locked up and throw the key away because you’re playing with people’s lives. A big FU and hope you get caught out!

PS: That person is now recovering well after back to taking the medication prescribed by the doctors. Damn you Amway!