Wednesday, September 17, 2008

Star Wars: The Force Unleashed Codes + Exclusive Codes

For those who already has this game and found the gameplay abit hard or looking to try out a different costume here are some codes for you to try.

At the main menu, choose the "Options" selection, then select the "Enter Code" option. Or, you can choose the "Extras" selection inside the Rogue Shadow, then select the "Cheat Codes" option. Then, enter one of the following codes to activate the corresponding cheat function:

AAYLA Unlock Aayla Secura costume
ACOLYTE Unlock Asajj Ventress costume
BENKENOBI Unlock Obi Wan Kenobi costume
CHOSENONE Unlock Anakin Skywalker costume
CORTOSIS Immunity to all damage
COUNTDOOKU All combos at maximum level
DANTOOINE Unlock Ceremonial Jedi Robes costume
DREXLROOSH Unlock Drexl Roosh costume
ECLIPSE Unlock Juno Eclipse costume
GRANDMOFF Unlock all costumes
HIDDENFEAR Unlock Darth Phobos costume
HOLOCRON Unlock Sith Robe costume
HOLOGRAM Unlock PROXY costume
INTHEDARK Unlock Shadow Trooper costume
ITSATWAP Unlock Admiral Ackbar costume
JEDIMASTER Unlock Mace Windu costume
KATARN All Force powers at maximum level
KLEEF Unlock Kleef costume
KORRIBAN Unlock Sith Stalker Armor costume
LEGION Unlock 501st Legion costume
LIGHTSABER Amplified lightsaber damage
MANDALORE Unlock General Rahm Kota costume
MARAJADE Unlock Mara Jade costume
MARISBROOD Unlock Maris Brood costume
MAVERICK Unlock Qui Gon Jinn costume
NERFHERDER Unlock Han Solo costume
NOTIMO Unlock Chop'aa Notimo costume
PALPATINE Unlock Emperor Palpatine costume
PAUAN Unlock Darth Desolous costume
SHOCKTROOP Unlock Heavy Trooper costume
SCOUNDREL Unlock Lando Calrissian costume
SECURA Unlock Twi'lek costume
SERENNO Unlock Count Dooku costume
SITHLORD Unlock Get Darth Vader costume
SPEEDER 1,000,000 Force points
STORMTROOP Unlock Navy Commando costume
T16WOMPRAT Unlock Luke Skywalker costume
TK421 Unlock Classic Stormtrooper costume
TOGRUTA Unlock Shaak Ti costume
TYRANUS All Force powers
VERGENCE Unlimited Force power
YELLOWJCKT Unlock Yavin Luke costume
WOOKIE Unlock Kento’s Robe costume
ZABRAK Unlock Darth Maul costume

Though the codes are supposed to be universal, some may work or not depending on the console version that you are using.

Can't wait for the game to arrive!

Edit: Two new exclusive codes... These will work with the PS3 version.
ADEGAN Unlock Lightsaber throw
HURRIKANE Unlock All Lightsaber Crystals

Don't forget that once you activate these codes, you will not be able to either save your game or gain any further unlockables in the game.

Edit 2: Another exclusive code.
SOHNDANN Complete 32 Costume Unlock Master Code

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