Wednesday, September 24, 2008

Post Star Wars: The Force Unleashed review

Just finished playing this game... Only took me a total of 8 hrs with the normal difficulty set and that was without any cheating or codes entered into the game! As well as I died quite a few times… So yeah for a well seasoned player, this game could have completed it in a shorter period of time.

Overall thought… Well it is a Star Wars game. What else do you expect? Everything was brilliant, the theme and cinematics was awesome. It is a great fit to the whole Star Wars Empire.

Would I play this again? Erm… probably for a quick game to try out with all the codes entered for different costumes and abilities etc but yeah, only probably for another few hours or so.

Was it worth it? It’s a 50/50 on this one. I would say ‘Yes’ just for the fact that it was a Star Wars game. A ‘No’ for well, the story being so short and it cost £39.99 for the game. The game-play got abit repetitive after awhile as well. I read somewhere that they couldn’t develop this game for the PC was simply the PC couldn’t handle it. Well, if it was the same game for the PC and same story then yeah, LucasArts would have just been ripped into for charging so much for such a short game.

Oh if you are looking for exclusive codes for this game, especially for the Playstation 3 version, then head over here. Right at the bottom of that article there are 3 exclusive codes for unlocking all 32 costumes, unlock lightsaber throw, and all lightsaber crystals.

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