Monday, September 01, 2008

Long weekend in Venice

I’ve just recently spent a few days in Venice, the city of water and considered to be one of the most beautiful cities in the world. I couldn’t agree more. Not only is it beautiful but also can be a romantic city as well if you’re there with your partner. Venice is a city that composes of a series of islands (118 small islands) on a marshy Venetian Lagoon along the Adriatic Sea in the northeast Italy.

We were there for 3 days and by looking on the map it looked like we definitely had enough time to visit all the attractions and more. From our flight we ended up getting there early and when we got to the hotel we were luckily enough to be able check-in. Most of the hotels won’t let you check-in till at least 2pm but we were there around 10:30am and there was a room available so we managed to get that room. Thumbs up for Best Western Hotel Bologna! Definitely the best service, friendly staff and great rooms along with the excellent décor to make you feel comfortable. I would definitely stay in this hotel in the future.

After checking in we took the train towards Venice which only took less than 20mins to get there. It was really convenient and fast as well. For € 2 return it was definitely the way to go. So when we got there we try to go to all the places marked on our map. Oh boy did we not take into account how lost we could be because Venice it like a massive maze. There are canals and bridges everywhere and if you’re not in tuned to where everything is you will get lost easily. Somehow we still managed to get to all the spots. We were told later that even the locals get lost so we didn’t feel that bad afterwards but worthwhile to factor in the lost time if you’re going to visit Venice.

Anyway in the 3 days that we were there, we had taken the gondola ride along the Venice canals and the gondola rower was giving us the history of the buildings around Venice. Went to Piazza San Marco (St. Mark’s Square), where we went into St. Mark’s Basilica, climbed up St. Mark's Campanile for the best panoramic shots of Venice, walked across the Rialto bridge and visited almost every single corner of Venice.

Here are some of the pictures taken.

Was it worth it? Definitely… Though 3 days is probably too long unless you want to just sit and relax and I mean sit and relax for a good few hours here and there. In essence you could complete all the sights in 1.5 days but because we were there for 3 days we took things easy and just mozied along whenever we can in the spare time that we had. It was wonderful!

Click on the "Venice" in the Snapshots links.

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