Tuesday, September 02, 2008


One game I’m most looking forward to is LittleBIGPlanet from Media Molecule. It’s an upcoming puzzle platform game developed exclusively for the PlayStation 3.

In the game you control small characters in which they can jump, push, run or grab objects to interact with their surroundings. One big plus is that you can also create your own worlds for you and or other players to interact in. When creating the world, you can have almost any object and then set parameters for those objects, i.e. set the object to electrify when it comes in contact with a player. You can also get crushed if trapped under or between heavy objects. The possibilities are endless. Real world physics!

For this type of game it means it also has the ability of online play. Other PlayStation Network registered user community around the world can participate in these levels/worlds/environments.

This game is scheduled to be released sometime around October 2008 across all regions. So keep an eye out for it. An 80GB PS3 bundle with this game is also scheduled to be released around November 2008.

Check out the videos below or for more information goto the LittleBIGPlanet site.

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