Tuesday, September 23, 2008

Learn some Mandarin Chinese

Anyone out there who is or wanting to learn some Chinese (Mandarin) especially with writing/reading characters, nciku is one of the most wickedest website that I had just come across.

It lets you enter Chinese characters, Pinyin, and of course English to find the right words/characters that you're after. Another feature is that it has a character recognition system by letting you handwrite the Chinese character onto their sketch pad which then it tries to identify which characters you have entered. Ingenious!

This is very good if you don’t have a Chinese keyboard or an able system to type in the character. Once it has identified the character or pinyin or even the English word you have entered it provides you with a list of examples of how that character could be used. It even provides you a sample audio clip if it has one.

If you’re learning to write Chinese, once the system has located your character, it shows you the stroke order as well to write the Chinese character.

The site is currently in beta but definitely give it a shot.

On their blog they have this learn 5 new characters a day. Very cool!

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