Monday, August 18, 2008

Playstation 3: The new SKU + PlayTV

Sony is replacing the 40GB core pack with a new bigger 80GB core pack at the end of this week here in the UK. The 80GB core pack will come also include the new DualShock3 wireless controller instead of the standard SIXAXIS wireless controller. The new PlayStation 3 core pack have the same specification namely 2 USB slots, no memory card readers, and no PS2 backwards compatibility.

There has been news that Sony is going to utilise the new 65nm RSX “Reality Synthesizer” GPU in this new core pack that replaces the 90nm technology GPU. The PlayStation 3 already had the Cell CPU reduced from 90nm process to 65nm since end of last year. So seems like Sony is trying to reduce the size and number of components in the unit. Sony mentioned that this was done to further reduce the manufacturing cost of each unit but by doing so this should help to keep the system cooler as well.

Hopefully then there is no need to have to get a separate cooling unit for the PlayStation 3 and having the new DualShock3 controller than the SIXAXIS is welcoming too.

The price for the new SKU will be @ £299/€399 which is the same as the original 40GB core pack. Sweet!

Sony is also going to introduce another new unit for the PlayStation 3 around mid September. The PlayTV add-on device is a new unit that turns the PlayStation 3 into a PVR (personal video recorder) which enables you to watch/record existing digital TV/ Freeview channels*. Even have the ability to record your favourite channels when you’re in the middle of playing a game.

Features includes:-
- An Electronic Programme Guide (EPG) up to 7 days in advance.
- Mobile TV functionality. Watch content via the PSP on the go if the PSP is connected to the system via WIFI, which means that you’re able to watch your favourite show whilst abroad!
- Personal Video Recorder functionality - watch live TV, pause, fast forward and rewind.

PlayTV is currently available for pre-order @ £69.

With this add-on coming soon you can see why Sony is replacing the 40GB core pack with the bigger 80GB capacity core pack. You’ll need the extra space for all the recorded goodness!

Word has it that new bundles will also be available along with the new core around September/October this year. Possibly a Star Wars bundle when the new Star Wars game (Star Wars: The Force Unleashed) is released in September and possibly a Street Fighter bundle around early next year. Maybe even a PlayTV bundle when PlayTV is being released around mid September.

* PlayTV: Will depend on if your country supports digital terrestrial television.
** All release schedules are specific to UK.
*** For those who wants to pre-order the new 80GB SKU, Tesco is actually selling it for £289.97. That's a £9.03 saving.

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