Wednesday, August 27, 2008

Microsoft Photosynth

It has been awhile now since I last heard anything about Microsoft's Photosynth web application. I think it was about maybe a year ago when there was a demo about it. For a photo enthusiast I was ecstatic about what Photosynth was going to bring to the table.

Photosynth offers you the ability to combine photos to form panoramic views, i.e. where you have more than 1 photo to form a wide field of view. There are already a lot of panoramic generation applications out in the market already so where does Photosynth differ from the others?

For all of the panoramic applications out in the market at the moment allows you to only generate a flat 2D view of your photos. In Photosynth it generates 3D views. Essentially allowing you to navigate though your photos in a 3D’ish environment. You can navigate through only if there is a photo of it.

Also Photosynth is a web application and others are standalone desktop applications. Being a standalone application it gives you the flexibility of creating panoramic photos without uploading anything anywhere thus saving your bandwidth and just the ease of creating something without being tied down to an online service.

If Microsoft makes a desktop version as well, something similar to Google’s Picasa where you can apply enhancements to photos but actually generate the panoramic views before you upload it to their website then I think it will be successful.

Anyway head over to the Photosynth’s website for more info.

*Note: I’m browsing through their galleries and the plugin seems to be still buggy. The images are not flowing though even though it had loaded up the fixtures. No wonder this application is still in Live Labs department.

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