Thursday, August 21, 2008

Command & Conquer: Red Alert 3

Looks like Electronic Arts have been very busy. This trailer is for the upcoming RTS video game Command & Conquer: Red Alert 3.

This game takes place in a parallel universe in which World War 2 never happened and the Soviet Union has become the world’s dominant nation. A huge war is ongoing among the Soviets, Allies and a new third faction known as the Empire of the Rising Sun, which is derived from Imperial Japan.

The amount of known actors/actresses in this game is unbelievable.

Soviet Union
- Gina Carano as Natasha Volkova. A folk legend and Commando, Volkova is a legendary sniper with a great reputation for marksmanship.
- Tim Curry as Premier Cherdenko, leader of the Soviet Union.
- Peter Stormare as a Russian Scientist, responsible for the time machine which they use in their mission to eliminate Einstein.
- Andrew Divoff as a Russian Soldier, appears with the in the casting trailer with the Soviet leader and the scientist.
- Ivana Milicevic as a Russian Communication officer, also appears within the casting trailer, warning the commander of the attack by the Empire of the Rising Sun.

- Jenny McCarthy as Tanya Adams, who appeared in Red Alert and Red Alert 2 is listed on the official "factions" page to return for this game.
- Gemma Atkinson as Lt. Eva McKenna.
- J.K. Simmons as President Howard T. Ackerman, President of the United States.
- Jonathan Pryce as an Allied General.
- Randy Couture as an Allied Soldier.

Empire of the Rising Sun
- Kelly Hu as a Japanese officer who briefs and assists the player.
- George Takei as Emperor Yoshiro, Leader of the Empire of the Rising Sun.

Release date is set on 28th October 2008 and it's going to be available on PC and Xbox 360 at the moment. PlayStation 3 version in on hold.

Oh well, another game to add to the list of games to play!

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