Friday, August 29, 2008

Cha Cha Moon

Cha Cha Moon… a new restaurant opened up in mid 2008 by Alan Yau; a restaurateur who launched other restaurants such as Wagamama, Hakkasan and Yauatcha in the UK. Last two of which have been awarded a Michelin Star each. Cha Cha Moon is quite different to the other restaurants that he had launched though. This time round this restaurant is a low cost, semi fast food place that anyone can enjoy.

The dishes they served are Chinese and generally from China, Singapore, Malaysia, and Taiwan.

I had the pleasure of sampling Cha Cha Moon last week where we had ordered a total of 6 mains with 4 entrees to share plus drinks and that came to around £50 for the meals for the 4 of us. That is pretty good considering the amount of food that was consumed that night. There was a small hiccup during the night where one of the main dishes ordered didn’t make it to us. After 30 mins of munching through we asked and well apparently it was left out of the order for some reason so eventually it came.

Also their fire alarm had gone off. Most likely it was due to the char-grilled chicken dish that we had ordered but everyone just stayed and continued enjoying their meals. Weird…

Anyway back to the meals themselves. In all the time that I have been in London, this is probably the only Chinese restaurant that comes close to the authentic stuffs. Not 100% but probably the closest so far. I remember when I first came to London; I went to a restaurant in Bayswater called Kiasu which in Chinese means “fear of losing”. What supposed to be best and authentic Singaporean restaurant in London turned out to be my worst experience so far and in my books; You’ve LOST! What is the point of serving something stating that it’s from this region of the world when you can’t even reproduce it authentically for your patrons?

At Cha Cha Moon, the meals are cheap and taste good, which is all in a very traditional Chinese culture. And also they taste almost very authentic! Just Fantastic! I would recommend this restaurant if you’re out for a cheap meal or even a great meal.

If you’re keen to check out this restaurant they are located just off Carnaby Street on Ganton Street.

*Note that when they do get busy, the waiters/waitresses do mess up by where they bring out the wrong foods/drinks to your table but if you give them the benefit of doubt they do eventually get it right.

Taro Cake @ Cha Cha Moon

Singapore Char Kway Teow @ Cha Cha Moon

Cha Cha Mooli @ Cha Cha Moon

Crispy Dusk Lao Mian @ Cha Cha Moon

Char Siu Mian @ Cha Cha Moon

Taiwan Beef Noodle @ Cha Cha Moon

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