Monday, August 04, 2008

Bad reception?

Most houses/flats in the UK need to either get a high gain aerial installed on the roof or subscribe to a satellite service to receive a clear signal to watch TV. As indoor aerials either doesn’t work or work at all to get a clear signal due to the distance from the transmitter to your home, or obstacles such as trees, buildings etc in the line of sight. Trust me when I say there are loads and loads of terrace houses/buildings in the UK, enough to block the signal.

Anyway if you’re like me, renting a flat and not allowed to make modifications to the flat; i.e. installing an outdoor aerial or just don’t want to fork out the huge amount to get one installed then I think I have found the answer.

After some research I had found that from Ricability website, they had recommended the Philex SLX Gold Amplified High Performance Indoor TV Aerial as the best indoor aerial. Though can’t guarantee that you will get a clear signal of course. After a quick Google search the only place that I could buy this was either off an American website or through Amazon UK and for £20 including postage I thought what the heck.

Tried it out when it arrived and it worked a beaut! With the new indoor aerial and signal gain turned to the max, the TV managed to receive all Freeview digital channels and even a few analogue channels. There were some slight interference once in a while but that didn’t bother me much. When I say slight I meant a few pixels that didn’t received clean for a second. Also the only place I had placed the aerial was right at the back of the TV in the corner where it had no windows or anything. Just the walls and surrounded by a tonne of terrace buildings along the street.

Definitely a well recommended indoor aerial to use!

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