Thursday, July 31, 2008


There is a classic saying that if you make an assumption for others, you make an ass of yourself.

Assume = Ass of u and me

Some people think because they have a certain status or think they do, they like to assume things for others. They think they know you and know you well. So des ne? Is that so? They think they are floating high in clouds by acting this way but actually they are floating in crap; because they make an ass of themselves.

Things change. People change. Some for the worse and some see the light.

Never assume things. If you are not sure then ask. Simple as pie...

If you're the one making an ass of yourself then pull your head out of the bung hole and get a life!

Monday, July 28, 2008

Nokia N93

I've had my Nokia N93 now for about 16 months now. I had originally purchased this phone online without trying it out or even see it physically before purchasing. So I was taking a big chance in buying the phone. I mean it was expensive. At that time of release I had paid something like £480 for the phone. It's a bulky phone but for the features available I knew it was a good investment.

Anyway 3 days into using the phone, when it was plugged in to charge, the battery indicator was showing that it was charging but in fact it wasn't. I had sent it back for a replacement. So I’m on my replacement phone now and it’s all working beautifully. Like the inbuilt optical camera and all.

When I had the phone I try to get every single accessory for it. I went nuts. I had attached the original supplied wrist band to the phone. I would pull on the wrist band to get the phone out of the pocket every time. 2 months after use now. It seems that every time I would pull on the wrist strap it was actually applying force to the clip end of the phone. Eventually it snapped. I was like WTF?! I thought at least the plastics would handle the stress. Ok so I managed to fix it along the way. I’ve tried cement glue etc to stick the pieces back together. Eventually that gave way too so now I'm just using sellotape to cover the end of the phone. Sick and tired of the pieces exposing etc.

Oh the plastic lens cap also tore off after 1 month of use. Not even with heavy usage. I tried to mod the lens cap as well in many ways so I didn't have to buy another lens cap but only lasted for another week.

So great. It has been almost 14 months now since I have had anything done to the phone. Everything was running smoothly until recently when I flick the phone into camera mode and all I see is a black screen. All I see now is a blueish glow at the left bottom corner. Weird I thought, so I flick it into video camera mode and all I see are a series of lines on the screen. Pretty funky actually but hey WTF happened to the optical camera? It still zooms in and out etc but nothing on the screen. I mean I know it has been like 2-3 months since I had used the camera but WTF!

This is a Nokia product after all. Have they suddenly gone cheap when they were producing this phone? From an always Nokia brand supporter I was expecting a quality product and especially from such an expensive phone. I still like the Nokia brand itself but hey it only takes one bad experience to switch to a competitor.

iPhone 3G is on my next phone wish list...

Monday, July 14, 2008

Thoughts of New Zealand

I've just recently had spent 5 weeks in New Zealand and here are my initial thoughts of NZ. So much have changed since I left here just over a year ago. You walk down Queen Street (the main strip in Auckland) and the first thing you noticed is an LV and Gucci shop bang right at the beginning of the street. They look brand spanking new. All glittery and very posh like and the only types of people that go in are the types that have big bucks to spend. Fair enough on that.

The next thing is the ever skyrocketing fuel prices. No thanks to US for causing all the oil barrel price hikes. When I got to Auckland, the fuel for unleaded 91 was roughly NZD$1.80. Just after 5 weeks it was at NZD$2.18. Probably not going to affect the people who drive luxury cars as they could probably afford it but for an average user it was almost $100 for a tank full. Ouch! I remember the days when it was only 77c per litre. Those were the days...

Crime rates have risen to the point where everyone was taking the law into their own hands. What has gone wrong in NZ? Are the government not taking action or is it just coming to their election year and they rather spend more time worrying about their seats in the parliament than about the people? I've heard alot of stories where if you're not hurt, the police will not do anything about it. As in taking reports as well. So if you've had any of your property stolen, the police will not take any action and leave you to be. Does that mean it's a shopping spree for the thieves out there? OMG… that is pathetic!

As for taking action into your own hands?! Now come on… Even as a citizen of that country you do have to respect the law. It is up to the government to take action. We can voice our concerns to them but in the end if they are not going to, either leave or as in the coming election, vote them out! At the end of the day you do have choices.