Saturday, June 07, 2008

Quick review of the Airbus A380


No seriously... I've recently have had the pleasure to fly from London to Singapore via Singapore Airline's Airbus A380 and I have to say it is definitely a step up in class for air travel.

Singapore Airline's Airbus A380

Even though I only sat in their economy class, it was still an enjoyable experience. Each economy class seat has their own entertainment system which is standard on all Singapore Airline flights. This is different though. It has an entertainment system that you would basically expect if you were in their business class.

Their entertainment system has a widescreen panel and its feature packed. Endless numbers of movies, tv series, music, games and all are available. One new thing I did noticed is that the ability to plug in your computer via the network port or via the USB interface to review your office documents or even just reviewing your media/picture files. This is wickedly solid!

A380 Entertainment System

The seats were comfortable as well. It felt like as if you were sitting in bucket seats. The recliner was just right. Much much better than any other planes I've ever flew on in all classes.

Later I had to transit to New Zealand via their standard 747. Not much to compare to after that. Just left me wanting more A380...

Singapore Airline's 747

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