Friday, May 09, 2008

Flying experience

What is it like flying these days? I would think it is still the same. You queue up at the check-in counter to check in your luggage and get your boarding pass. You then get to your gate to board the plane. You find your seat, sit back and enjoy the flight to your destination.

Before the plane takes off you’re given specific instructions on airplane safety. It has become pretty standard now that if you have flown enough times you know what to do. You pay attention anyway just in case. You’re also told that no electronic equipment is to be turned on during take off and landing and no use of mobile phones or radio control equipment is to be used. It’s documented in the airplane safety document anyway. So what has changed?

Well in the last few years in my experience I have noticed people would have their mobile phones turned on and switched to silent mode. Some even don’t bother changing their setting and sometimes they would get a phone call when the airplane is just about to land only to be asked if they have arrived.

Another case is that when the airplane lands before the seat buckle sign is switched off, everyone would unbuckle and then proceed to get their cabin luggage while the plane is still in transit to the terminal itself.

This is pretty p**s poor if you tell me. In the old days you would get a fine of $2000 for having your phones turned on or get a fine for not obeying flight regulations and safety. Or get pulled aside when you get to the terminal so you can be grilled by security.

So what is up with the major and minor airlines these days? Are they not worried about getting reported or not concerned about the general safety of their passengers? Or for the passengers, what is the rush?! Can you not wait a few minutes for the airplane to get to the terminal before you get your cabin luggage from the overhead locker? You still have to wait for your check-in luggage!

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