Tuesday, April 15, 2008

Zuma zoom zoom

My wife and I are Japanese food fanatics! We just love Japanese foods and we've been to quite a few Japanese restaurants in the past. Well I have had a special occasion coming up and I wanted to take my wife to a really nice Japanese restaurant to celebrate.

I’ve spent about a week or so reading up where I could about various Japanese restaurants in London. Price wasn’t a factor here. Not saying that I want to her to the most expensive or the cheapest but I wanted to take her to a place where it has just the right balance where they have atmosphere, ambiance, nice food and good service. Not a big request I don’t think.

At the end I decided to take my wife to Zuma restaurant which is located a few streets away about 5 minutes walk from Harrods in Knightsbridge. Zuma is supposed to be a “posh” Japanese restaurant.

You’re greeted by several bouncers when you get to the entrance of the restaurant. As you walk in you can immediately tell yep this is a posh restaurant. The décor, swanky wood, granite and stone interior layout, the lighting was just astonishing. It really seems like this is the place if you want to get noticed or where the rich and famous come and eat, drink.

We sat down at our table and we both just sat there just loving the atmosphere. It was so lively. The spacing between tables was a little tight so packed in it was awkward to walk around. Anyway we looked through the menu and these were the items we ordered:

- fresh tofu
- seaweed salad
- fried softshell crab with wasabi mayonnaise
- gyu no Tataki (seared beef with soy, lime, chilli and ginger dressing)
- california maki (fresh crab, avocado sushi)
- wagyu gunkan (wagyu beef sushi)
- ebi no sumibiyaki yuzu-koshou fuumi (jumbo tiger prawn with yuzu pepper)
- salmon teriyaki

We were going to order the lobster sashimi but they didn’t have any lobster left. Oh well... The dishes started rolling out within 20 minutes of ordering which was brilliant.

Some of the dishes we ordered were delicious such as the wagyu gunkan, the jumbo tiger prawn, seared beef and california maki. The rest of the dishes they could do better actually. The food was well presented and the size of the dishes was acceptable.

The fresh tofu was weird. Silky like texture but tasteless unless you add in the condiments that comes with it. It texture was definitely not like any other regular tofu I’ve ever had.

Seaweed salad was disappointing. I mean the title itself says Seaweed Salad but there was hardly any on the dish itself. A little dressing could have helped the flavour as well.

The salmon teriyaki though was cook perfectly, it also lacked flavour.

On overall the food was nice but only on an ok level. Slightly below average I would say for the price you pay. Definitely not the best or decent Japanese restaurant we’ve ever been to in the past.

Everything was right only to be let down by the food.

PS: The chefs at Zuma shouldn’t worry too much about intellect copyright. It’s simply absurd! They should worry about preparing a decent dish and keeping your customers happy before all else. If you don’t serve good or delicious food the customers won’t come back.

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