Sunday, April 06, 2008

Snow!?! in Spring?!?

In London and in April?! Are you kidding? Winter this year was pretty dissappointing. There has been numerous reports by BBC that said it would snow in London. Maybe if you're further up north then yeah you would get snow but it didnt happen at all.

Winter came and went. Now it is spring. The weather seems to be getting warmer and finally you could open up the windows to get the gentle breeze in. This morning I woke up to (yep you've guessed it) snow!

Opened up the curtains to let the light in to the room this morning and Suprise!!! Snow! Woot woot. Finally! Snow in London. In the wrong season but hey it is still awesome.

Needless to say I took loads of photos. Im processing them at the moment so hopefully be up soon on Picasa.

Edit: Pictures are up now. Click on the "Snow in London in Spring" in the Snapshots links.

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