Tuesday, April 08, 2008

Renewing my Canon

I've been using digital compact cameras now for a few years now. The first was the Sony CyberShot DSC-P10 and that was a great little camera and for the last year I've been using the Canon Ixus 850IS aka SD800.

Compact cameras are great. They are small enough for you to take them along your travels or keep them in your pocket for just whenever you need to take quick snaps. The images are usually saved in your memory card as JPEGs. JPEGs are great. They are the widely used image format currently.

One thing I wished at times was that I had the ability to save the images captured in RAW format. What is RAW you ask? A RAW image is like digital negatives. The image has not been processed so the end result you get a file that you can tinker to your heart's content. For the lazy people JPEGs are fine.

Anyway there seems to be a hack here that you can install onto the 850IS to get the ability to capture and store the image in RAW format. I have to say that I've tried it and well even though it's not as good as my Nikon D300 but it still isn’t bad comparing a mini sensor of the compact to a DSLR.

The hack itself has alot more features such as live histogram, highlighting etc. All the extras that you would expect to get from a semi-pro and above cameras and not a compact. It even lets you run custom BASIC scripts and play games via your camera. The game part is lame but the list of features that it provides the 850IS is awesome.

The hack is only supported on various Canon cameras. To find out if your camera is supported you can via this link. Anyway it's worth checking out.

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