Friday, April 11, 2008

Adobe Media Player

There seems to be a surge of media players offering free streaming tv over the web these days. There has been quite a few over the last few years but most recently BBC has released iPlayer offering their selected local UK tv over the web. It has been just a big hit over here in the UK that most of the major ISPs (Internet Service Provider) here are trying to get BBC to fund an upgrade to the broadband infrastructure here due to the increase demand/popularity of the iPlayer.

Now Adobe has also joined in the club by releasing their own media player suprisingly called Adobe Media Player. It is built using their AIR™/Flash runtime. Seems to be the most popular method of creating rich internet applications these days. Anyway good about Adobe Media Player is that it is free, does not have any restrictions with regards to zoning.

Most of the other video streamers out there have an annoying feature where they block you from viewing the video depending on where you are trying to view the video from by checking your IP (Internet Protocol) address against the country it belongs to. They do this mainly because of copyrights etc but hey...

Anyway back to Adobe Media Player... I was suprised to see some of favourite shows on it like CSI Miami and all that with no zoning restrictions at all. Brilliant!

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