Thursday, March 27, 2008

Golf anyone?

Fancy a golf game? Well check out Charity Challenge. It was developed using Adobe Flash. Another Rich Internet Application that I've mentioned for today. There is a warning! This game is highly addictive!!!

This game actually uses real golf courses when you play. The graphics for such an online game is something you would see from either a console or a pc game. Just looks so rich. Couldn't believe it. Before you know it you've spent the last hour playing this instead of doing what you're meant to. ;)

Photoshop now online!

OMG... This is new... Adobe Photoshop, the best image creating, editing, post processing etc etc etc application is now online. Well a stripped down version anyway. I haven't really had the time to check it out fully yet but from what I can see is that it is an Adobe Flash based web application. Seems to be pretty slick. What you get once you sign up is an Adobe Photoshop Express account along with an online gallery that you can share with your friends and others (public). Im not too sure how big in capacity this gallery is but worth checking out.

You can test out Photoshop Express via this link Also if you need any help getting an account or need information on how to use it, you can check out this great link provided by the great guys over at

Note: It is only available to US users only but I'm sure you get around that.

Edit: I stand corrected. It is not actually Adobe Photoshop online... It is a web based application that uses Photoshop technology with a new funky interface.

Friday, March 21, 2008

Happy Easter

It's Easter Friday folks and Im about to head out to Barcelona for the long weekend. The weather should be awesome. An escape from all the grey and wet in London. Really excited about the holiday. Not so about all the pickpocketing there though. Anyway think I've done enough research on that place to be a little extra careful. Hopefully... fingers crossed.

Anyway have a safe Easter. Make sure you get loads of Easter eggs. hmm... Chocolate... hmm...

Thursday, March 20, 2008

Hello World... meep

Well it has been a while since I last blogged.

My last blog was located @ and it's been almost 8 months since I've had anything to share. Reasons for my I've stopped using and my absense? Well I got married, moved to a new country/hemisphere), Facebook and everyday life stuffs that happened around then.

As well as I'm a keen amateur photographer and I take loads and loads of photos in everyday life and during my travels. I had just simply reached my image capacity to store on that site.

Anyway I do plan to keep this one updated every now and then. So stay tuned.